Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mauna...the silence of Zoya

The basis of every Philosophy is an experience. The realm of that experience is physical ,mental…….. Post mental .It must be stated that what comprises of mind? …. Whether mind is Matter? Are debates that have the tendency to remain eternally contemporary. However the sadhaka in pursuit of truth can’t spend much time on them. He has to depend on the EXPERIANCES that come to him during the process of meditation .Shunyata if it is called a void or emptiness then it is only a transitory experience. NOTHING NESS therefore is an illusionary state that the mind experiences….. when the bastion of ego falls .Simply, there is nothing for the mind to hold on . Quite early in a spiritual pursuit, the mind recognizes the WITNESS as a distinct separate entity. Now the rudiments of the erstwhile ego of the sadhaka recognizes that the witness ,which was earlier thought as a small ,tiny INNER VOICE IS ACTUALLY A COLLOSSAL entity .The mind doesn’t give up it tries to understand this entity which is ever expanding . it cant and therefore gives up .As soon as it gives up ,this witness disappears as though it is also a concept. That is the birth of MAUNA. AT this stage the sadhaka does not experience the mouna but can only LIVE it. But this is all encompassing, everything……….. universal

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