Saturday, October 18, 2008

ode to MFO

This office and the people working here gave me a space...for me to breath...fill my bosom with ideas...and gave me opportunities learn how to transform these ideas into action.It rekindled my belief in working with the System......and reaffirmed the dynamic centricity of my ideological position.While the discussions at the office widened my understanding of policies ....field visits kept away my heart from drying up. In the process of understanding the context of our functioning ...I asked questions....some time too many...... and the team welcomed them with open arms and answered them .When found capacity was a way delicate and so unassuming...that many times I wonder where I was.. I was such safe hands. and then ....this office completely opened opened up my childhood to me. For the first time......I came into terms with experiances, intense and personal........ranging from Stigma Discrimination and Denial faced by People living with HIV AIDS in the process of working ,discussing, arguing and making friends ....I negotiated them all and opened my self for the next big step of sublimating these very disturbances and transforming them into programmatic successes. ........chiiiiii chooo chooon..

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