Saturday, May 19, 2012

The song of Anjaan Peer - Dance

What am I doing 
men and women , 
boys in mere loin cloth ask me
Ask the cloud I say 
it is white and full of wisdom
For it moves not on the will of its own 
For it pours rain not on the will of its own
I am the cloud I dance
being not  of my own 

Why do I dance 
men and women
boys in mere loin cloth ask me
Their eyes are full of wonder
Ask the wave .. I say
It goes up and goes down 
For the ocean  is filled with wave and the wave is filled by  the ocean 
For who fills the ocean  also makes the waves
I am the wave I hold peace
in my bosom and in my womb
is my being .. not of my own 

Why do I hold peace
men and women 
boys in mere  loin cloth ask me
Their mouths are open and their look up towards the sky
Ask the tree I say 
For the tree holds the food for its young
and water for its newborn 
For it holds dreams for the earth ....and life for the cattle
not a claim is claimed.. not a voice is heard
in my dwelling my home...peace
is the being .... out of my own 

what else can I do  I ask myself ?
as I settle down by the tea pot
to behold peace ... to be a tree.. to dance .. to be a wave ...
to hold dreams for the earth ... and life for the living..
to be a boy with only a loin cloth ..and to fill the eyes with wonder as they live..

To long for you my  Maula....
is no less human ...
For you to reach out to...
is no less divine...

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