Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Trust is a 
warm twine- draped
are in ruins

Written for haiku heights
April challenge
prompt: Doubt

True love is best manifest.....when there is trust
the more we cover it the more love is in ruins...
doubt...is invisible but
a  powerful cloak


  1. Trust ~ great haiku from a unique viewpoiny ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  2. Somehow not able to get to the depth of this.. my bad luck..

    1. RS.. it may be my inability to find right words suiting the image in mind.

  3. Im touched RS....by your comment. Although I think its criminal to explain the meaning rather than allowing it to evolve, below i attempt to do the same. my apologies in advance if I cross a barrier, untold.
    Lust, passion , and love ...are in a spectrum, a continium. the nature of physical intimacy moves from lust to passion and love. when the comfort level with the partner increases, the nature of physical love changes from mundane to almost transcendental. Imagine if there is doubt in the minds of people who are in a relationship. doubt may range from some thing that arises from within oneself to doubting the fidelity of partners. When people drape ( cover ) themselves with doubt.. they dont realize that it is their love that is ruined......while life moves on.
    But I guess it can apply to any relationship friends/ man- nature/ master- pupil and so on

  4. Trust is the blanket that envelopes us --- and in time smothers the embers of doubt!! Nice!!

    This is my Day 4 ~~ Suspicion Erupts.